DataLab St. Gallen

Learning by turning data into business insights

The Story

Datasets can contain large amounts of information, which are not visible at first sight, but need to be explored by use of statistical methods and visualized with plots and graphs. Only then can we understand the story data is telling.

At DataLab St.Gallen we are passionate about these stories and their data. Therefore, we make it our task to explore them.
Driven by our interest in technology and entrepreneurial spirit we aim to resolve business problems, through data analytics.

While we are no data scientists by education, each of us has a great interest in and passion for data. With DataLab we create an environment which enables us to learn in the most hands-on and exciting way possible.

What We Do

"Learning By Turning Data Into Business Insights."

Data Analytics

Our background in business and economics allows us to ask the right questions. We answer these driven by our passion for data science and technology in order to create business value.

Software Development

When no data is available computers can still come in handy. Thus we look at a business though the lens of a programmer and see if processes can improved with algorithms.


Before you decide to work with us you will need to know what is actually possible and what makes sense. We will advise you.

Story Telling

It is hard to see the value an alogrithm creates. Especially is noone really understands what it does. To make sure you know exactly what technology does in your business we create visualizations, dashboards and webpages that even your CEO can understand.


While we are passionate about sitting down and coding we are as passionate about standing up, talking to people and telling them about it.


While we strive to understand technology we are still able to tell you how the integration of smart contracts using descentralized ledger technology will, with the help of deep learning neural networks, transform your business model fundamentally.

The Team

Students. Economists. Statisticians. Programmers. Foodies. IT-Gurus. Surfers. Officers. Nerds. Managers. Penguins. Web Developers. Oh and of course Data Scientists.

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